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CHill provides a wide range of co-location services within its high security compound.  Customers can have tailor made facilities to accommodate their needs or simply co-locate equipment within one of CHill's climate controlled rooms.

Co-located hosting of equipment includes:

- Rack space

- Dual power strips on each rack, each on different power phases

- UPS backup supply

- Redundant back-up generators ensuring full site power redundancy irrespective of any external source power failures

- Air conditioning with redundancy back-up

- IP connectivity to the Internet with full redundancy through geographically diverse routes

- Fibre connectivity to London Telehouse Data Center with full redundancy through geographically diverse routes

- 24/7/365 NOC support for all basic tasks including restart and reboots of equipment

- Secured compound with CCTV and 24/7/365 NOC staff

- Secured and locked equipment rooms


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